Antigua Tazzadoro – Coffee Packaging

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Design Agency: Giulio Patrizi Design Agency
Client: Antigua Tazzadoro
Art Director: Giulio Patrizi
Designer: Edoardo Peltrini, Eleonora Grillo Spina
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Antigua Tazzadoro
Location: Rome, Italy
Packaging Contents: Coffee

Antigua Tazzadoro is one of the most ancient and famous coffee roaster in Rome, and well…in the world!

Giulio Patrizi Design Agency was featured in the rebranding process of this Italian excellence and it was truly a dream come true!

The first step was a complete restyling of the company’s brand identity, starting from a new redesigned logotype.

The corporate profile was created around two main colours: red and amaranth.

The final step was a complete new packaging for the main coffee blend “La Regina dei Caffè” and jar packaging for two new blends: biological one and gourmet one, using different patterns and colours.

As you can see, the result is a very tasty success!

What’s Unique?
A perfect combination of italian tradition and modern design taste.