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Company: All Things Chocolates
In House Design by Co-Founder Kuhu Kochar
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Chocolate
Packaging Materials: Paper

All Things is a chocolate brand inspired by the simple joys of life – a celebration of art in the everyday. Using premium cocoa, each bar is made using personally handpicked ingredients from all over the world. We try to translate inspiration into a box encasing goodness. Personal travels, childhood memories, a half forgotten phrase – all come together to make whimsy come alive.

All Things launched in November 2015. Manufacturing out of Jaipur they retail online and at 10 outlets across the country.

From 2016-2017 they plan to expand their outreach by stocking at 15 more stores and opening a retail outlet in Jaipur., Rajasthan

What’s Unique?
No matter the style choice or design language, we started with developing a design system that is purposeful, truly distinctive and dynamic. The design inspiration behind each of the boxes comes from a completely different place and follows its own unique process. Nothing is entirely original. Creativity and ideas come from making interesting and unexpected connections and showing things we’ve all seen before in a fresh or unusual way. Inspiration for these ideas comes from things we’ve experienced and learned in life.

The idea behind Barcelona was to be able to bring bits and parts of the city to people – so the box comes with a Gaudi style tiled pattern and little photographs from in and around the city for people to keep and share. Jaipur too celebrates the city but in a more personal way. We did that through the mini guide (curated by 25 creatives from the city) it comes with. It gives people fun alternative things, picked by us locals to do while they’re visiting. For Magnetic Fields Festival we wanted to use one technique that could adapt to and still celebrate each element in its own right, and thus all the boxes are made using marbling techniques in a variety of patterns and palettes.

Our chocolate bars are like Diagonal breakaway slabs, we’ve moved away from the conventional rectangular/square grid and tried to make a tessellation of sorts instead. The largest centre piece which is also the rhombus from our logo is the playful element here, because the person with the biggest piece of chocolate always wins!