Bee Sweet Honey (Concept)



Creative Agency: Nova Brand
Project Type: Concept
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Bee honey
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Once upon a time, at the Shrovetide, we were eating the pancakes and found them unbelievably delicious. Though, eating them with honey was inconveniently — honey was spilled, flowed down the jar, soiled the table-cloth and spoons. How difficult it was to pour honey into smaller jars for the lids were sticking then to the necks. What can make it convenient and simple to eat honey?

To create a unique, eye-catchy packaging for honey that will fit the lifestyle of sophisticated individualists who refuse to share the delicacy with others, hedonists who do not feel like washing spoons and the table from drops of sweet amber, and those who appreciate a good sense of humour for honey makes the life funny.

The packaging is a plastic transparent tube, resembling in its form and colour the abdomen of a bee with a stinger, removing which one can enjoy honey. Feel free to compress the packaging, squeezing out the sweet nectar. The dispenser allows using a spoon however honey can be poured directly from the tube. Moreover, you can drink honey from the “spout”, as there is no need to pour it into another container.

The packaging will look great on your table and will definitely make your day. You will easily recognize it everywhere you go. The title uses a play on words calling for peace all over the world.

What’s Unique?
The packaging resembling the abdomen of a bee with a stinger, removing which one can enjoy honey directly from the “spout”. Funny naming makes the concept more catching.