Brewfist Core Range


Creative Agency: ByVolume
Photographer: Daniele Grizzi
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Brewfist
Location: London
Packaging Contents: Craft beer

Brewfist is one of the fastest growing Italian breweries, making contemporary craft beer styles that aim international. In only five years they’ve more than tripled their production, expanded the brewery and invested in new innovative equipment.

One of the driver of their success is the quality and variety of their beers. Started off with four recipes, today Brewfist offer more than 30 products: from all-year-round beers to seasonal, special and collaboration brews. As it often happens, commercial growth can lead to losing sight of the brand strategy. ByVolume was tasked to restructure Brewfist portfolio and revamp its packaging without losing brand recognition.

We recognized that in order to maximise the brand’s potential and compete in the increasingly crowded beer market, Brewfist needed to clarify its proposition and reinvigorate its positioning in a way that was relevant and compelling for craft beer consumers.

‘More beer more people’ was the ethos that drove the brewery from its beginning and informed our design process.

Based on product characteristics and positioning in the market, we first structured their portfolio in three distinct lines: core, collaborations, barrels. We then defined each product strategy and with that in mind we set clear design principles and objectives to guide the redesign of each product line.

The core range had a strong awareness among craft beer drinkers, our task was to enhance each beer’s personality without losing what it stood for. We reviewed Brewfist original labels, dug into the stories behind each beer name and identified a fil rouge among them that set the foundations of our design concept.

We kept the iconic fist logo and brought the idea behind it into the label design: the importance of hard manual work as a sign of strength, dedication and commitment to quality. Each label of the core range shows a different character and his story made of Brewfist values: bold opinions, no compromise, hard work and commitment.