Design: ByVolume
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: Caina
Product Launch Location: Switzerland
Packaging Contents: Grappa, Aquavit
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle

CAINA – On a mission to make a new generation of Swiss drinkers fall in love with grappa

From Lugano, Switzerland to Australia and back, with a stronger knowledge about vineyards and winemaking, and a desire to work with local ingredients to revive a much-loved traditional spirit – grappa. This is the story of Dado, the founder and mastermind behind Caina distillery.

With an ambition to break new ground in a rather traditional market full of predictable clichés, Caina partnered with ByVolume to develop a brand identity and packaging design that reflect just that.

The logomark is inspired by Mount Brè, Switzerland’s sunniest mountain overlooking lake Lugano. The slender bottles are the perfect frame for a set of four labels inspired by poster art minimalism, brought to life with dream-like illustrations and captivating colour blocks.

  • Grappa Brè pays homage to the home village of the founder, and we borrowed the traditional billy goat and oak leaf icons as seen on the patrician flag of Brè.
  • The barrel-aged Grappa Riserva is portrayed by an hourglass symbolising the passing of time and a half-hare half-kangaroo creature recalling the Swiss-Australian roots of Caina.
  • Acquavite di Pere Williams shows a giant pear carried in the old woven pack baskets used by the legendary mountain smugglers operating in between the borderlands of Italy and Switzerland.
  • Acquavite di Uva Americana features the historical local cable car ferrying a bunch of grapes to the summit of Mount Brè.

A striking reverse-stress typeface by Collletttivo Foundry completes Caina’s unconventional and eye-catching aesthetics.

The labels are printed on ribbed paper, whereas the bottles are hand finished with a colour-matched wax dip crowned by a custom-made seal.

Product photography was brilliantly captured by Simone Cavadini and Luciano Baragiola.