Rodinò – Conti Zecca | Wine Label

CRSL Carosello Lab

Milano MI, Italia

Creative Agency: Carosello Lab
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Photo: The Food Pirate Studio
Printer: Imoco
Paper: Fedrigoni | Tintoretoo Gesso 95
Printing proces: Silk-screen printing, gold foil, embossing
Packaging Content: Wine
Location: Italy

Our team worked side by side with the marketing and commercial team at Conti Zecca to create this new wine. The original idea was to celebrate their 500 years of history, without being too literal. We wanted to create something iconic, closely connected to the winery’s area history, Salento, once known as Grecía Salentina. The naming we came up with is Rodinó, a greek word related to the color red and linked to a local legend. A sombre figure, coming out at night, covered in a red cloak, delivering the purest wine.

The main design concept focus on triangle, representing Rodinó’s red cloak. The logotype is bold, with a Greek Delta in the middle. We wrote a short poem about Rodinó, which is placed on the bottle side. The wine is a premium, limited edition reserve, a batch of 4000 bottles. That is why a small secondary label is added to enhance the exclusivity with room for handwritten numeration of each bottle. Gold foil, a marked paper and embossed details were used to emphasize the wine’s premiumness. The bottles come wrapped in a light rice paper, with a big detail of the Delta. All you need to do now is find one bottle, couple of good friends (or your beloved one) and enjoy this amazing wine. Salute!