CRSL Carosello Lab

Milano MI, Italia

Creative Agency: Carosello Lab
Project Type: Printed Self-Promotion
Creative Director: Enrico Caputo
Client Director: Valentina Bruno
Art Director & Designer: Andrea Mastroluca
Photo: The Food Pirate Studio
Printer: Tipografare
Location: Italy
Packaging Contents: Wine
Printing Process: Offset printing, gold foil

This year, our Christmas gift is a tribute to creative thinking, passion and craftsmanship. The concept, design, print and packaging of this wine are the result of a hard enthusiastic work. Also, for the printing session, we decided to team up with small local laboratories, getting our hands dirty and having fun with great vintage printing machines.

This is how we wished a merry Christmas and a wild new year to all of our clients.

PUROSANGUE (Italian for thoroughbred, a purebred animal, especially a horse; literally, pure blood) | A Tale of Freedom

As an untameable horse stuck in a carousel by a spell, Purosangue couldn’t waste away the freedom he longed for. Born in the wild, where hundreds of acres lie in between two seas, with all the might and great will, he broke away from the iron pole. Even though the other horses of the carousel tried to dissuade him, he ran away, towards the unknown.

2017 is your year. Live free. Think wild.

What’s Unique?
The bottles are limited to 150 pcs. and we labeled, hand-numbered, personalized and signed each one of them before shipping.