Espírito Santo do Pinhal, SP, 13990-000, Brasil

Designer: Catenacom
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Santa Maria Farm
Location: Espírito Santo do Pinhal, São Paulo, Brazil
Packaging Contents: Coffee Farm, Coffee, Organic food
Packaging Substrate / Materials: kraft
Printing Process: Stamping

Our goal is to express the brand through all communication opportunities in order for the estate to always show its values. We want to present the farm’s history by bringing in experiences that invite to think and live organically.

Santa Maria Estate is located amidst the mountainous and lush coffee region of Mogiana, in São Paulo state, Brazil. Quality and productivity are cultivated here together with social responsibility and respect to the environment. We have been planting coffee for over five decades, taking advantage of the area’s fertile soil and favorable climate. We have always looked to improve the quality of our product as well as volumes produced in order to arrive at unique results regarding coffee flavors and aromas.

This farm – of long history and Italian descendants − is today proud to produce top quality organic Arabica coffee, maintaining its commitment to the land and its people. The IBD/Brasil and IBD/USDA certifications are proof of that, although to us, the coffees we produce and the smiles on our employees’ faces are far more important.

Come by the farm to try a “cafezinho”!

What’s Unique?
Packaging design in kraft paper finish with silkscreen + manual stamping application, more information about handwritten coffee. Making this design unique to each package, to each grain. As the organic coffee is to be taken care of.