Mirantus Winery


Espírito Santo do Pinhal, SP, 13990-000, Brasil

The sun rises and sets for everyone.

Born in Espírito Santo do Pinhal, São Paulo, Brazil, Mirantus winery sits at the highest point of the town, which is one of the highest points in São Paulo State with 1,300 meters (4,265 ft) high. Located at the foot of Mantiqueira Mountains, this region has become increasingly known nationally and worldwide for itsproduction of high quality wines and naturally for the growing tourism that came with it.

Mirantus winery was born from the mind of a young entrepreneur who decided to return to his hometown after years of working in large urban centers. With a small-scaleproduction of only 2,500 bottles a year, the entire production process and vineyard care are carried out by the owner himself, in addition to welcoming visits and handling the tours to his winery.

The visual identity built by CATENACOM advertising firm reflects the spectacle of the alternating colors of the sky that can be seen throughout the day from this new born winery and its pronounced modernity; from the newest techniques of planting and treatment of plants such as “double pruning” system (“winter wines” – harvested during Brazilian winter) to the laid-back style picnics in the middle of the vineyard. Visitors are also given the chance to take care of their very own vine and to be hosted at the winery in modern industrial-style rooms, contemplated with the most beautiful vineyard views in the region.

The exclusive communication designed for this brand -from visual identity to wine labels – was based on the moments and sensations experienced at the winery such as: Sunset, Evening, Dawn and Moonlight. Perfect moments to share with the ones we love.

Due to its privileged geographical location, the Mirantusbrand carries the “iconization” of sunset in a glass, built with modern typography without traditional category clichés. Those inspirations were built and felt after research carried out through observation of visitors on the winery tour – most often they would open their wine bottles and spontaneously make a toast towards the sunset.

On the minimalist label, we have inverted the common horizontal pattern by using the vertical form (a 60% saving in size compared to the average of traditional labels on the market). We aimed at designing the same sensation of ascent one has when visiting the winery, ascending to steep points and stunning landscapes.

Having a small-scale production, Mirantus wines are exclusively meant to those who are blessed enough to experience the winery tour.

The colors were based on different times of the day and sun positions, reflecting all the gradients of the sky seen from this fascinating and unique place. When applying the labels on bottles, which is manually performed by the owner himself, it is possible to change the composition of the circle (sphere) – an analogy to the sun or moon – or even change the hierarchy of both positioning and colors.

A place to taste the best wines from Serra da Mantiqueiraregion, a way to share experiences of different labels in a unique winery, a new wine-producing region that is among the most promising in the world.