Pinktable Handmade Jam

Derrick Lin


Designer: Juliette Kim
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Pinktable
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Handmade Jam
Packaging substrate / materials: Paper, glass jar
Printing process: Digital printing, white ink printing

Pinktable is a small handmade food shop best known for their tasty handmade jam. ‘A bottle filled with heart’, as their slogan goes, each bottle/jar is filled with handmade jam, made with handpicked fresh, local ingredients. Their main products include various kinds of jam, pesto and dip sauce, but any food can be sold or custom-ordered at Pinktable if they can be put in a glass jar. The logo was developed to represent this idea.

What’s Unique?
The logo and character are made by hand and stylized to emphasize the hand-made quality of the product. The character was developed to appeal to the store’s main customer group which is women in their late 20s to 30s. The name of the character, ‘Daldari’, came from Korean word ‘daldal’ which means ’sweet’. Daldari is mainly used on graphics for sweeter goods like fruit jam. One of the client’s requests was to make the elements of the packaging versatile; I created several sticker designs that can be used in many different combinations. Stickers, tags and paper wrapper can be combined differently for different products and purposes.