Top 6 Marketing Tricks Every Company Should Use

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Written by Emily Jones, marketing specialist at OSI Creative, supply chain managed solutions for displays, packaging, branded merchandise and special retail solutions for in-store marketing.

On its most fundamental level, marketing is a form of communication between businesses and consumers. That is, it entices consumers into buying a particular service or product.

For this to work, marketers must embark on a complicated journey to find ever exciting ways of attracting and keeping customers. In this digital age, this trek has become increasingly high-tech and detail oriented. It is for this very reason that the most powerful messages are human-centric.

Marketers must engage consumers in a direct manner, maneuvering around distractions and boosting their reach in the process. This is how good marketers are able to appeal to the basic aspects of human nature. When done properly, this helps marketers create coordinated conversations and campaigns where consumers and brands engage on a higher level.

Want to learn how to do that? Check out 6 of our favorite marketing tricks:

Prioritize personalization
Information overload (especially on a daily basis) makes consumers more resistant to marketing messages. Today’s consumers are savvy, they can sport obvious marketing come-ons and sales pitches from a mile away. These gimmicks are a huge turnoff and will only be perceived as ad noise.

To cut through this resistance, begin targeting consumers on an individual level. That is, make the content they see more relevant and personalized. Your job here is to hone in on exactly what your target demographic is thinking about or (hopefully) already looking for.

Go native
This form of organic paid media cannot be overlooked. It adds to the user experience, making it hard to differentiate between what is part of the site and what is a paid advertisement.

This type of content is usually interesting, targeted, and relevant. These three characteristics represent the Holy Grail of marketing. They are why going native is one of the best tactics to use in your marketing campaign.

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Don’t forget product packaging
A lot of business owners consider packaging to be an afterthought. In their minds, the product is the only thing that matters. It’s sad to say, they are wrong.

Entrepreneurs who don’t understand the importance of packaging are only setting themselves up for failure. A product’s package influences consumers decisions more than you think. For instance, packaging communicates a lot of vital information e.g. your company’s values and how the product can benefit customers. In terms of making a lasting impression, some might say that it’s just as important as the product itself.

Grab content marketing by the reins
Content marketing and native marketing are often mistaken for one another. While they fit together seamlessly, content marketing is a different beast altogether.

At its essence, native marketing is simply a way to distribute content. Content marketing, on the other hand, is a strategy of creating and distributing useful and engaging content that appeals to a large audience. Unlike a native ad, it’s not a paid-and-done transaction. Instead, it’s an ongoing process that works best when used as a part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Just remember to be consistent and stay in the character of your brand. Plus, if the voice of your brand happens to be witty and interesting, it can’t hurt.

Find the best target influencers for your brand
Influencers have always played a large role in effective marketing. But now, they are more important than ever – especially in the age of social media. Influencer marketing provides brands with the opportunity to create their own word-of-mouth buzz (which happens to be the most effective type of marketing) using personalities that their target audience already admire and follow.

Free giveaways are always nice
If you give your potential and existing customers the opportunity to try your service or product, chances are they will want to buy more. This is a case of spending a little money to make more money. Nowadays, consumers are more comfortable buying something they’ve used before. So, don’t be afraid to offer a free sample or trial.

Effective marketing techniques have the power to engage the audience on a fundamental level and get them to participate. In short, they help cultivate a bond between business and consumer. A deeper level of loyalty, if you will. If this is what you are looking for from a marketing campaign, the above tips will get you a lot closer to your goal. Good luck!

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Emily Jones is a marketing specialist at OSI Creative. Being always interested in business developments, innovations and everything else what is connected with the business world, her main talking points are packaging and displays and their importance for business development.