Curious Design

Auckland, New Zealand

Creative Agency: Curious Design
Design Barry Wylie
Illustration: Curtis Walker & Samuel Sakaria
Typography: Jo Tronc
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Yummy Yo
Location: Auckland / New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Frozen Yoghurt
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard, Plastic
Printing Process: Flaxo

Chinese consumers recognise New Zealand dairy products as the highest quality in the world-and yoghurt is a particular favourite.

Our client had been successfully exporting to China for a substantial period of time, but they also realised that was a great opportunity to open a chain of yoghurt stores throughout the region. This would enable their product to be directly accessed by millions of consumers and create a higher profile for the brand. Thus Yummy Yo was born.

Curious’ first priority was to create branding that personified the premium quality and the New Zealand provenance of the yoghurt, but in a contemporary casual way.

The black and white colour palette is synonymous with NZ, so this was a natural starting point. From there we highlighted the ‘origin’ of the product through the introduction of an iconic Holstein-Friesian cow. However to make this more unique, we changed the traditional hide markings to silhouettes of the North Island, South Island and Stewart Island. A subtle design feature, but a delightful touch. Finally the whole identity is anchored by the beautifully hand crafted Yummy Yo wording, courtesy of Jo Tronc from Watermark Creative.

Once this very powerful brand presence had been devised, we then moved on to the visual language that supported it. Many of the proposed sites for the yoghurt stores differed significantly in size and location, so to overcome that issue we decided to create a decorative frieze that would become a focal point. Sections of it could then be adapted to fit small or large areas of each store. Through research and consultation, it was established that potential consumers reacted very positively to a colour scheme and imagery that reflected their perception of pristine New Zealand. Taking this on board, we created an intricate pattern of clouds, waves and native flora & fauna that knitted together into a contemporary art form. This imagery was also featured in loyalty cards and packaging, so that the consumer would be taking away a small piece of New Zealand with them when they left the store.

Finally the younger consumer hasn’t been forgotten either. A range of frozen yoghurt bars featuring cool looking animal characters have been created as a playful addition to the core range of products.