Curious Design

Auckland, New Zealand

Creative Agency: Curious Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: SER!OUS Smoothies
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Smoothie Mix
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Seriously good

These are smoothies that offer a serious wake-up call for your body. And just like a pair of lycra shorts, they’re jam packed, with all the good bits bursting to get out. These are seriously healthy smoothies for people who are serious about their health.

Smoothies are taking grocery by storm. Quick, easy and nutritious, the appetite for smoothies has taken off. And frozen berries are one of the fastest growing categories in grocery.

The only snag for smoothie lovers is making sure they have the right ingredients in their cupboard. More often than not, the fruit gets old and ends up in the bin rather than their blender.

That’s where Serious Smoothies steps in: offering a healthy concoction of flash frozen fruit, vegetables, nuts and superfood ingredients, designed for those hungry for convenience. With an ingredient list that would make any food nutritionist smile, making a quick, healthy breakfast or snack is now a cinch.

Curious’ task was to create a design that showed that a trip to the freezer could be just as beneficial as a trip to the gym.

We seriously believed that the natural ingredients needed to be the hero of the packaging. And we also needed to find a way to convey the simplicity of usage – straight from pack to blender.

That problem created a compelling solution – fresh, lush ingredients packed into a glass to showcase their vibrant colours at their best. And which subliminally suggests the ease of usage. To ensure that the appetite-laden glass stood out like the proverbial, we kept the background as a pristine white ‘frame’, only punctuated by the evocative product names, relevant ingredients and key information.

Our quest for simplicity extended to the logo lock-up. Simple and understated with the important stuff like ‘all natural’ and ‘no nasties’ featured within the logo design.

To emphasize that this product is a serious alternative to traditional smoothie making methods – and to add personality and instant brand recall, we also replaced the ‘i’ in the word ‘Serious’ with an exclamation mark.

The result? A design so successful that it has achieved seriously good results for our client!