Creative Agency: Brandon
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Packaging Content: Biscuits
Location: UK

Brandon helps consumers get a good night’s sleep with concept for biscuit brand Moon Dipz

Despite the trend for reducing sugar consumption and healthy living, the British just can’t shake their love of biscuits with 93% of us indulging in them.

So where do the new product opportunities lie in the biscuit category? Leading FMCG trade publication The Grocer asked brand strategy, design and innovation consultancy Brandon to create the next wave of biscuit products for its Creative Challenge digital feature.

Brandon’s design team created Moon Dipz, a functional biscuit brand that helps you drift off and get a good night’s sleep. Although consumers often tuck into the biscuit barrel for an evening snack, they do not view them as an indulgent treat before bed because of the high sugar content which inhibits sleep.

Steve Conchie, Creative Director, Brandon, says: “We decided to turn that view of biscuits as a bad evening treat on its head by creating the concept for a brand which would help consumers get some shuteye and spoil themselves, rather than being put off by the high sugar and carb content of your average biscuit.

“So, we carried out research into natural ingredients which are conducive to relaxation and discovered a surprisingly tasty mix that ranged from high quality chocolate to oats, some nuts and fruits. All of which produced an indulgent cocktail of sleep inducing benefits including melatonin, tryptophan and more, which aid relaxation.”

Every oat-based biscuit is designed to raise blood sugar naturally, so prevents consumers from getting a rush before they want to sleep. Paired with high quality 70% cocoa fondant dips, together they create an indulgent treat made for sharing with a loved one – the other reason for creating Moon Dipz.

Conchie adds: “The pack design and concept were born out of a need, not only to take time out and put our phones down, but also engage with loved ones in some good old-fashioned conversation. Inspiration came from the British love of sharing crisps and dips. We thought, why can’t we recreate that experience with biscuits?”

Product placement was explored extensively by the team, with various options available for retailers. “Arguably, Moon Dipz doesn’t belong in the biscuit aisle,” says Conchie. “And more success could be had in the tea and coffee aisle next to products bought for their relaxing properties such as Horlicks and chamomile tea; or even in the chilled puddings section next to other premium products like Gű.”

Richard Taylor, Managing Partner, Brandon, adds: “Moon Dipz would be the perfect partner for supporting sleep awareness campaigns or homeless charities such as Shelter. We think consumers would be even more motivated to buy Moon Dipz if a percentage of the proceeds would help a good cause.”

Brandon also suggested placing advertisements on products such as take away coffee cups with the slogan: “For a better night’s sleep tonight, try Moon Dipz and you shouldn’t need this coffee tomorrow morning.”