Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In June 2018

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Derrick Lin


Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of June 2018. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project, you can also submit your packaging project here!

Boston Pizza has released a limited edition pizza box that’s designed for eating pizza in bed – designed by JOHN ST.

The World’s First Pizza Box Designed for Eating Pizza in Bed is Here. Unveiled in an online video from Boston Pizza, an unassuming limited-edition pizza box transforms into a self-supporting table and lets you eat pizza in bed. Introducing “BP in Bed”.

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Fireworks packaging design by Yun-Hsuan Lu

“Fireworks” is a symbol of happiness and celebration, however, the existing way of package design cannot be shown on the packaging. So we intend to use situational packaging methods to interact with users’ mood thus remember the scene of the fireworks under the colorful and gorgeous night sky, reflecting the eternal blooming moment.

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LIFEWTR purified water packaging design

LIFEWTR believes inspiration is as essential to life as water, because it moves us forward by unleashing our creative potential. That’s why we’re excited to partner with emerging artists and turn every LIFEWTR bottle into a canvas for new art.

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HeGan Liquor packaging design by XiongBo Deng & Yao Xu

This Chinese white spirit product is named He Gan (何干), meaning that “no matter what is happening outside, it’s none of my business”. The meaning is quite abstract under the Chinese context. On one hand, it sounds rude and indifferent; on the other hand, it could be reexplained as that “no matter what is happening outside, it does not affect my minds”. In this case, the idea behind the product name manifests the ability of independent thinking.

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Home Sweet Sushi Kids packaging design by Savvy Agency

Home Sweet Sushi have just released a new menu for Kids and our task was to create a brand new Packaging Design for it. Along with the menu there’s also a special gift box with a dinosaur. For this project we were inspired by how kids like to use their hands to eat sushi and how fun and simple it is. The color palette reflects the pureness of a child’s personality, along with the universe of sushi in mind.

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MilkUp! #packaging #design by Raphael Iglesias

A milkUp! is a brand of milk and derivatives. It also works with vitamin-based milk-based juices with a high protein content.

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Araki bonsai eco packaging #design by Elisava students

Innovative packaging design for online bonsai shipment. Bonsai is a word of japanese origin that literally means to cultivate on a tray, therefore plant and pot are inseparable.

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Mikado Lemon sparkling sake packaging design by NOSIGNER

Designed for the Japanese sparkling sake “MIKADO LEMON SPARKLING” which aims at creating a new market by offering a new way of tasting Japanese sake. It is decorated with a whole peeled organic lemon rind grown in Japan. It shows the real surface of its embossed skin by UV printing, expressing natural freshness. Having the design not only easy to understand intuitively, but also luxurious like a high-class champagne bottle, it will give an impact on the current shrinking market of Japanese sake and create new fields.

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Solan de Cabras function water packaging design by ESTUDI ENRIC AGUILERA ASOCIADOS

Solan de Cabras has created a new drink format, made for your wellness and characterized by its purity, which is reflected in its design, without pretensions, unchecking conventional beverages and getting closer to the world of teas and cold infusions, but with a clear functional value.

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Varg Veum Aquavit packaging design by Kind

Kind has developed the brand and design for Varg Veum Aquavit. The aquavit has been produced in cooperation with Gunnar Staalesen, author of the best-selling Varg Veum novels, the aquavit-loving private detective who has also featured on the big screen.

The aquavit is aimed at the European market, where Varg Veum is already a well-known character among lovers of crime literature. The aquavit was launched on 15 October – Varg Veum’s birthday in the books.
Staalesen’s crime novels about private detective Varg Veum have been translated into 17 languages. More than anyone else, Staalesen is credited with introducing social realism to Norwegian crime literature.

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