Vasilitsa, Greek feta


Athens, Greece

Design: Caparo design crew
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: G & A Noussias G.P
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Cheese
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Offset

The client
We were commissioned to design a new brand for a very popular and beloved Greek product: feta cheese. The new packaging should be able to stand out in the retail market among the big players and at the same time it should have all the necessary qualities in order to be appealing in a delicatessen, among other gourmet products. Keywords for the new design were: crafty, handmade, original, Greek and modern. The brand included a range of Feta and goat cheese products in tubs. The client was planning to expand in the future by adding more SKUs with different types of cheese under the same brand name.

The creative concept

Our design direction is a fusion of traditional and contemporary elements. We combined bold and script handmade typography and we used only graphics, avoiding photography, in order to differentiate from the competition. We designed the key visual of the brand inspired from the place of origin of the product: A goat on the top of Vasilitsa mountain. Vasilitsa is one of the peaks of Pindos mountain range and it is part of the northern Pindos National Park. Vasilitsa mountain is one of the places where the wild goat lives and it is also considered an important biotope. The brand name in Greek also sounds like a female first name. We used this connotation to connect the name with the key visual so that someone could consider the little goat as the mascot of the brand.

The final designs were never launched in the market due to the client’s internal decision. Since we very much like this work and it is not going to the market shelves soon, the least we can do it to share it with you.