Athens, Greece

We worked with Lidl to launch an RTD chocolate milk beverage sub-brand under an existing mother brand called “ΓΑΛΠΟ.” The client required an energetic and playful identity to catch the eye of kids and teens since they are the primary consumer audience. The product should necessarily display a level of indulgence and showcase its chocolate and tasty nature.

“Cow-Pow” introduces the product with a “punch” and sets the tone: bold, fun, witty, as it should be. We connected the product itself with the name in a storytelling manner and utilized this as a tool for the brand’s communication.

To further explore the storytelling aspect, a cute and naughty cow mascot was created to serve as the brand’s hero asset. Printed in different scenes across packaging, the adventures of the cow build a series of stories that accompany the drink and create a pleasant and engaging experience. The occasionally changing themes on the front of packs excite the consumers and help the brand continue attracting interest by providing ongoing storytelling and attention on the shelf.

The design of the logotype reflects the playful idea of the brand name by switching colors and highlighting the double fasted way one can read the logo. Also, the splashing choco-milk letters drop all around the place, making it fun, casual, and indulging: enough to stand out in the category and stay with you.

Client: Lidl Hellas
Launch: 2020

Caparo DC
Amvrosios Palamidis
Amalia Zachou
Lazaros TzovarasAggelos Gourzis
Kostas Kaparos

Yorgos Garefalakis / andjuliet (naming)