Athens, Greece

Classic traits, vintage nostalgia, and modern type combine this “Xinomavro Reserve” wine label of Lidl.

Lidl supermarkets asked our help to launch a “Xinomavro” PDO Amyntaion (Greece): a red wine of rare taste, long-aged wine in oak barrels with rich aromas and flavor richness. It’s positioned as a premium choice at an affordable price on Lidl’s shelves, aiming to attract wine lovers and quality seekers. “We need a unique label design with stopping power to express an outstanding wine.”

We created a detailed illustration inspired by Greek folk and traditional art to reflect the local origins of the product. The symmetric layout expands both on the front and back labels. The visuals have a storytelling narrative, referring to local, handmade patterns and visuals often seen in interior decorations and clothing fabrics. Our creative inspiration is rooted in multiple art eras, such as the Middle Ages, Romanticism, and Art Deco. Starting from there, we created various ornaments to add a sense of mystery and preciousness, providing a modern twist to this classic approach.

The illustration’s naive, vintage style and matte beige paper create a nostalgic feeling. We used modern, clean, bold type to balance that and give a touch of modernity. Also, the custom label gives the bottle a unique look, providing a natural essence and retro flair. We used UV printing on the wine’s name to add a premium detail.

Client: Lidl Hellas
Launch: 2022

Stefanos Papadimos
Kostas Kaparos
Aggelos Gourzis
Konstantinos Gikas (photos)