Big Taste



Design: Krisztina Szegedi
Project Type: Student Project
School: METU Budapest
Course: Graphic Design MA
Tutor: Andrea Brittnek
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Packaging Contents: India pale ale
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, cardboard, glass bottle, vinyl
Printing Process: Digital printing, laser cutting

“Big Taste is when you have a few bottles of red IPA in your hands during a warm summer late afternoon, wandering around on the quays of Budapest and staring at the last beams of the sunset.

Big Taste is when you are chilling in a park with some strong black IPAs in your hands with your best friends, and then around two in the morning you just happen to decide to go up to the Gellért-hill, because why not.

Big Taste is when you are walking downhill and someone from the crew remembers he still has some light IPAs in his backpack, which you drink on the way to the Big Market Hall, because it is about to open and you need something for breakfast anyway.”

The concept behind the Big Taste identity and packaging was to build the whole brand and its visuals around the beautiful and lively Budapest, pairing the 3 labels and the given names with three well-known areas of the metropolis, accompanied by three different parts of day.

This project was made at METU Budapest, many thank for my teachers for their support, Andrea Brittnek and Ferenc Tepes.

What’s Unique?
The labels I designed for the bottles and the story I build them upon make this project valuable. I have been living in this extraordinary city for many years now and I wanted to create an identity that represents my own and many other people’s adoration for its magic. The visuals entwines nowadays graphic design trends and the eclectic, historical architecture of Budapest.