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Designer: Agathe Avetisyan
Illustrator: Astghik Harutyunyan & Agathe Avetisyan
Photographer: Luse Avetisyan
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: MaryTale Tea
Location: Armenia
Packaging Contents: Natural Tea
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic bag
Printing Process: Digital printing

Mary is a young girl from Armenia. Her family have a farm in south of the country, they are growing awesome tea leaves there and she wanted to share the unique tea bouquets of her homeland and share her own fairytales. This project contains 8 different bouquets of mountain tea with 8 unique illustrations for each one. The names of girls were chosen by meaning of each one . Nrane ( name means “pomegranate girl” ) is for fruit bouquet tea, Anoush (means “sweetheart girl”) for mint tea, Vardeni (means “with smell of roses”) for tea with red rose hip, Shushan (means “lily flower”) for floral mix tea, Tsovinar (means “the sea beauty”) for wild mint tea, Agathe(means “made by agate stone”) for blueberry tea and Astghik ( means “the star”) for black rose hip.

What’s Unique?
Every tea have a unique aroma and taste and characters were created by impressions of taste and smell of each tea.