Aplos, probiotics dairy


Athens, Greece

Design: Caparo design crew
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Liber S.A.
Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Dairy
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic
Printing Process: Flexography

We created the labels of Aplos probiotics following the look & feel of the Aplos yogurt with fruits range. Since these new dairy products are considered a typical health-food choice, we saw it as an opportunity to create a wider, differentiated product line, consisting of the healthy products, within the brand family of Aplos.

Our design direction is clean and simple, it respects the brand’s DNA and highlights the main elements of the brand identity. The key visuals on the labels are consistent with the fruits illustrations regarding the aesthetics: they reflect the essence of something handmade and they express a natural look & feel which is a cornerstone claim of the brand. But the content of these themes is slightly different compared with the yogurts key visuals. These products are liquids similar to milk, pure and simple with no added flavors, except the strawberry code. So in order to have an interesting identifying image on the label, we added a storytelling touch inspired from the hand-made local tradition: We created illustrations of retro – classic containers and tools that are typically used during the hand made production of these products.

The transparent label reveals the product and in combination with the visuals, the final result of the packaging is simple, yet appetizing and mildly disruptive within the category among the big brands.