Derrick Lin


Design: Ingrid Picanyol
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Jaume Jordà
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottles and paper labels
Printing Process: Digital printing

viamic: Exploring wine through taste, imagination and friendship.
Jaume Jordà’s set us the task of creating a brand identity and concept for a new range of affordable, ecological wines targeted at young people, based on his personal philosophy about wine.

Jordà believes that you don’t need special knowledge to appreciate wine. If you like a wine, that’s enough to enjoy it—your personal experience of the wine is the most important thing. This idea led us to create the brand “viamic” (wine friend), where each wine has the name of a kind of friend — eg. best friend, old friend, invisible friend, virtual friend.

“viamic: In wine and friendship, nothing is as important as what they bring us. The wine friend claims a subjective perception of the world and the wine. It is a space for dialogue and imagination among friends where 4G will never be able to reach. #whatdoyousee?”

What’s Unique?
The label design aimed to use the language of Instagram (where we see images of our friends) but using blurred images, similar to the loading experience when we don’t have a strong internet network. This invites us to turn off our connection to the online world and, instead, to imagine what’s behind the blurred image, exploring our own perception of what we are seeing. This is a visual metaphor for the concept of describing wine from our own point of view, rather than by the manufacturer’s tasting notes on the label.