Design: Masters of Brands
Project Type: Concept, soon to be produced
Location: Chester, United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Herbal liqueur
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Ceramic
Printing Process: Foil printing

As old as Adam, the forest is steeped in mist and shadows. Amongst the rooted trees and boughs, deep in nature’s oasis, spices and botanicals are gathered from within the heart of the woodland.

The deep, forlorn ballad of the forest’s ancient song whistles through the veiled air as the plucked plantain and foraged fruits are blended with the complementary notes of other ingredients.

Produced with the gracious intent to share the garden’s enlightened spirit, one divine concoction encapsulates the sweet and blossoming nature of the Earth. Another entwines the whispering botanicals and secret spices of the woodland to craft a bitter-tasting elixir of the forest. Two variants. One liqueur. This is the creation of Wildwood.

Bound and bottled in a ceramic decanter, it is not just the ingredients that are taken from the Earth. Digging further into the terrain, clumps of clay, earthen elements, and powders are collected for the decanters. Adding water to the pure materials, a small batch of mixture is handmade and delicately moulded into its desired form. Each decanter proves to be nature’s finest ceramic as they are free of lead and many other contaminants.

So, the ingredients and materials may be gathered from the elemental depths of the forbidden forest, but the essence of the Earth is never lost. The spirit of the forest truly comes alive in Wildwood. And now it’s time to share it with the world.

What’s Unique?
The bottles are made out of ceramic, which only 3% of the Worlds Spirit packaging is produced in.