Tabali Restaurant

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Derrick Lin


Design: Sara Al tawancy
Project Type: Student Project
School: Advertising
Course: Packaging design
Tutor: Dr Nagwa el Adawy
Location: Egypt
Packaging Contents: Juice, Mini Sandwiches(minis), Sandwich kraft bag, Fava beans box(fool)
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Kraft paper and cardboard
Printing Process: Flexography

Sara Al tawancy was inspired by the famous Egyptian opera AL LILA AL KABIRA as it reflects all kinds of Egyptian heritage.

The characters were redesigned to suit the theme of the restaurant taking logo design into consideration then the second design Sara Al tawancy used oriental food ingredients as a pattern like fava beans and onions, Sara Al tawancy used a wood like structure background inspired from Egyptian traditional table (Tablia).

For Foul with butter, Sara Al tawancy used an Egyptian Fellah (Farmer) as it is a known dish there For Foul with Chickpeas, Sara Al tawancy used the (tarater man) who sells hats as he used to sing (Homos Homos) which is the Arabic meaning of Chickpeas. For Alexandrian Foul, Sara Al tawancy used the Character of Alexendrian girl as in the play. For Foul with flixseeds, Sara Al tawancy used the lion trainer because he is a strong one matching the strong flavor of the dish