Art director: Alexandr Frelikh
Designer: Elena Kharitonova
Project Type: Produced
Client: Distillery Fortuna
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Craft vodka
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle, paper

Creating a series of labels for craft drinks Zeppelin, designers of DDC.GROUP took as a basis the method of storytelling. They told the stories of the creation of airships through the fates of the characters, their authors.

For each of three sorts of the drink designers «engineered» different aircrafts and put them on the labels using complex graphics. Portraits of three aircraft designers of the 19th century and their drawings make us believe in the authenticity of the described events. Designers managed to reflect the aesthetics of steampunk illustrations in the engraving images.

At first glance, the bottle of Zeppelin has only a front label but it is not so. Designers used a non-standard method of placing the text on the inside of the label thereby achieving a magnifying glass effect due to the thick glass and light play of the drink itself.

In order to emphasize the quality of the product, we turned to complex label cutting, expensive paper and premium printing. Copper, gold and silver refer to those days when metals were held in high esteem, as are now limited editions of drinks of exceptional quality.