Leman Jewelry Rebranding

M — N Associates

50 Đường Nguyễn Văn Mai, Phường 8, Quận 3, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh 700000, Vietnam

Agency: M — N Associates
Creative Director: Duy — N
Project Manager: M — Lan
Producer: Quan Nguyen
Assistants: Anh Nguyen, Ngan Huynh
Project Type: Produced
Client: Leman Jewelry
Photographer: Monkey Minh
Photography Assistant: Quyen Phan
Video Cinematography: Lam Huynh
Location: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Packaging Contents: Jewelry
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper, Plastic, Glass, Silk, Fabric, Canvas
Printing Process: Foil Stamping, Screen Printing, Digital Printing

Among jewelry industry going mass just by selling gold in Vietnam, Leman Jewelry stands out as an independent haute couture design brand specializing on diamonds. For years, they are not just shaping up diamond trading market in Vietnam, but also unlocking a complete new behavior of high-class society for owning their unique diamond jewelry designs. Due to various type of orders and requirements, whether it is a refreshing design from owned collected diamonds or a new unique design to comprehend a rare diamond, Leman’s creation is sophisticated, diversified and exquisite.

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They first came to us with a requirement for developing packaging system to a better system; luxury, personal and unique. However, we soon defined it needs a brand refreshment to meet up its high standard brand spirit, reconstruct branding system and also solve packaging issue.

Our approach was a complete new visual system to expose the luxury, exquisite yet sophisticated and minimal feeling for the brand. Adapting that core values, the logo mark was design from the center with the most basic ring setting shape to hold a diamond as the main symbol, the cross setting. We called it the Leman Star, as the sparkle symbol to indicate this is a jewelry brand and will also be put in the center of letter E in logotype. Around the Leman Star was crafted one-by-one asymmetrical with various type of diamond shapes according to what Leman has been selling or designing uniquely for every customers. The logo grid system is designed based on inner look of a round diamond cut. Therefore, the whole structural designed system is a complete reflection from their process and products itself.

Color Palette
We looked back to the original blue color from current leather packaging, which is perfect to highlight a wide range of colors from diamond jewelry, and choose to be the new core color. Beyond, we developed a rich extension of white color to support Leman blue, from metal shiny material mixing with white texture paper. The whole color environment represents the universe of Leman and reflects all on the packaging system.

Packaging System
To highlight the sophistication spirit of Leman, we carefully create a structural language of luxury boutique shopping bags aiming to associate strongly with the brand concept by sculpted emboss ing on high quality finest texture white paper. The embossed metal pins on both side to attach reversed carrier straps gave Leman shopping experience becomes much more subtle and strange from high-end norm.

Production Features
Block foil sculpted embossing on shopping bag & engraved embossing lapel pin

Box Packaging
To achieve the most comforting feeling when the first hands-on experience, the whole jewelry box system was produced by special local Italian production. The unboxing experience was thoughtfully designed by contrasting outside thick and hard Leman blue paper box with soft high-quality velvet jewelry box inside attached shiny nickel tag logo on top, before reaching to customer final haute-couture jewelry piece.

Overhaul the complete system with careful consideration, stationery system from office application to jewelry workshop is also designed to express luxurious and subtle message of Leman.

Diamond Security Case
One of the first diamond security case for exploring a new investment market is introduced in Vietnam. The card is well designed and crafted carefully with the same high quality and highly security as GIA card. Front design is covered with hand-written font as pattern overlaying Leman blue cover. Back design has Leman invisible inked pattern only highlight under UV light.

Promotional experience was also taken into account carefully because maintaining customer relationship in this industry is vital key. We have developed a thoughtful environment like hand-written slogan ribbons for spontaneous gifts together with a unique shiny metal lock, printed silk scarves inspired from the logo mark, lacquered blue jewelry box to even umbrella for rainy days.