Maxine’s Heavenly Redesign


San Francisco, CA, USA

Design: Riser
Co-founder & designer: Camila Drozd, Paul Marcucilli
Location: United States
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Cookies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminum stand-up pouch
Printing Process: Digital printing

Maxine’s Heavenly is a company making delicious cookies using only clean, quality ingredients. Inspired by the texture and flavor of a 1950s family recipe, they created a new generation of cookies to appeal to today’s consumer looking for healthier alternatives.

The brand had a fun, cheeky tone-of-voice established already, which was clear on the company website and social platforms. So we wanted to bring that out in the new design, giving the brand the redesign it needed to better stand out and connect with its audience.

We also played up some of Maxine’s existing equities like its bold, vibrant colors, while also better emphasizing flavor and ingredients. This brought the look to a more visually appealing, modern and fresh place. There’s now a distinct lightheartedness that connects all parts of the brand – tying into the company name, the language and the product and packaging itself. The updated look captures the high-quality, health aspect of the product, but still remains fun, light, and optimistic.

Today, the Maxine’s Heavenly brand has been growing rapidly and exists across a whole range of touchpoints including new offerings, digital, promo materials and more.

What’s Unique?
When we first were in touch with the Maxine’s Heavenly team, their existing look was not a representation of who they were as a company and did nothing to help set them apart on shelf or amongst their competitors. With the redesign, we gave them a look that is unique in their category and helps bring their brand story to life in a captivating way. After the redesign, Maxine’s gained entry into several new markets and sales have increased 289% per year.