Bloom Brand & Packaging Redesign


San Francisco, CA, USA

Aspiring to help women who are intimidated by supplements (and fitness overall) meet their full potential, Bloom engaged Riser to design a brand that would be fun, slightly fem, modern, and capable of flexing across D2C and traditional retail channels.

We started with the logomark, transitioning the existing “B” into a more elevated, memorable, and curvaceous “Bloom” health-conscious females could relate to. Stylized ingredient illustrations add modernity and charm, while creating an ownable look that easily extends into digital channels. A cleaned-up communication hierarchy brings focus to each SKU’s unique benefit, making it simple for newcomers to shop in what can be an overwhelming category.

After successfully introducing two redesigned SKUs, the Bloom team engaged Riser to refresh the entire portfolio of 60+ products. The new packaging has received accolades from Bloom’s loyal followers and positioned the brand for nationwide growth.