Sweet & Petit

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Design: Marcela Turletti
Location: Argentina
Project Type: Student Project
School: Instituto de Artes Visuales
Course: Diseño de Packaging
Tutor: Isabel Novoa
Packaging Contents: Candies
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium
Printing Process: Digital Printing

I created this project as the final project for the course of Packaging Design, in which I had to design the packaging for a little line of products. In this case I choose to create an imaginary one called “Sweet & Petit” that sells traditional candies in old fashion cans, and I designed the tags or labels for those cans.

In each label there is a photo of the type of candy that is inside, so they can be easily identified by the customer. The label or tag has an old fashioned style in accordance with the cans and the kind of sweets they contain.

What’s Unique?
It is quite difficult to find old fashion candies in old fashion cans nowadays that everything seems to be so industrialized. Besides cans are recyclable so they are environmentally friendly and can also be reused to keep something else when candies are finished.