Black Edition, Alligator – Rhum Karukera

Maison LINEA

Design: LINEA – The Spirits Valley Designers
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Client: Rhum Karukera
Product Launch Location: France
Packaging Contents: Rum
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass

Great success for KARUKERA rums with its new vintage: BLACK EDITION ALLIGATOR, an old agricultural rum and one of the most unusual! This small batch produced in only 3500 units is unique because of the excessive heating of the barrels in which this rum has been aged. This excessive heating called « Chauffe n°4 » changes the surface of the wood in a dark, rough and shiny texture, like an alligator skin.

The whole black packaging was created from this original feature. The bottle created by LINEA Design Agency is dull black, like charcoal. Even the label is black with some touches of copper colour, reminding of the bright colour of the still. And because details make the difference, a relief varnish is applied to the bottle to simulate the carbonisation of the barrel: guaranteed to impress!