Aegis Luxury Glassware, Decanter and glasses

Maison Venkov

Bratislava, Slovakia

Design: Ivan Venkov
Location: Slovakia
Project Type: Produced
Client: Aegis Luxury Glassware
Product Launch Location: Estonia
Packaging Contents: Crystal glass decanter and glasses
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Titanium infused crystal glass
Printing Process: Semi automatic glass production

Aegis Luxury glassware presents the ultimate in luxurious spirit decanters and glasses. Sculptural design fully unleashes the optical and refractive qualities of crystal glass and lends the drink the finest vessel for storage and use. Aegis products are designed and manufactured in Europe using titanium infused crystal that is 100% Lead Free.

The Decanter holds 750ml and the Glasses hold 300ml and have a perfect weight to them. Holding the glasses is effortless as the design allows for the curves of your fingers to rest neatly in the design lines.

The complete decanter set will be sold in a beautiful and luxurious gift box that is also manufactured in Europe.

Expected Shipping Time Is December 2019

What’s Unique?
Luxury sculptural titanium infused crystal glass design for an affordable price.