Epitypephio – Fraktur

Derrick Lin


Design: Sara Merino Buey
Location: Spain
Project Type: Student Project
School: BAU
Course: Master Branding & Packaging
Tutor: Lo Siento Studio
Packaging Contents: Decoration
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Leather, wood, cardboard, metal, velvet

This project estimates a typography, its history and characteristics, in addition to the work of the deceased typographer, through the creation of an experimental packaging that contained a character from the selected font.

In this case, the typographer chosen is Johann Schönsperger, who in the 16th century created the Fraktur blackletter typography, under the order of Emperor Maximilian I. This typeface settled throughout the centuries as the most used and popular in the Teutonic area. And it became the national typography of Germany with the rise to power of the National Socialist party, which implemented it in all its advertising pieces, documents, pamphlets and media. The central concept of the project is the idea of Typography as a Weapon, as it was used as such in the communicative and military field.

Experimental packaging to investigate the concept, materials, ergonomics and industrial processes.

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