Design: LINEA – The Spirit Valley Designers
Location: France
Project Type: Self-promotion
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper

We created « HUMAN », a new collection with the desire to explore new uses of craft paper. To do this, we tested dozens of processes before to be able to turn local know-how derived from craftsmanship into industry applications.

« Human » Is The First Collection To Introduce An Environmental Consciousness In Art And Craft.
The craft paper is very malleable and owes its unlimited mechanical properties to traditional manufacturing processes. It is in the Department of Charente, in France, that unknown craftsmen give antique linen sheets found in flea-markets a second life. Then, a long, exciting and technical work is necessary to untie each flax fibre and produce a sheet of paper…

« Human » Explores The High Customization Of A Natural Material
The paper is used without glue and placed by hand on the bottle. It is the natural retraction, when the paper dries, which fixes it. It is possible to work directly on the paper and act on its density or its composition. Additional techniques to embellish it are endless: embossing, watercolour, stamping, cutting/folding…