Lidl, Twenty Stories


Athens, Greece

Agency: Caparo design crew
Photos: Theodosis Georgiadis
Styling: Stavroula Foutsa
Copywriting/stories: Yorgos Garefalakis
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: Lidl Hellas
Product Launch Location: Greece
Packaging Contents: Wine
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass, paper label
Printing Process: Digital Offset, UV effect

If our life was a great story, then -most probably- every important chapter would have a bottle of wine being opened somewhere in it. Either to celebrate a major event, to seal a great agreement, to highlight a precious moment or just to take the edge off of something extremely intense. This is why LIDL, the global discount supermarket chain, decided to commemorate its 20 years in Greece, by introducing a locally produced Syrah-Merlot premium wine in a rather affordable price, exclusively for the Greek wine lovers.

When we were asked to brand it and name it, it was that story-telling aspect of the wine that we wanted to bring to the surface. To do so, we decided to reinvent the bottle of wine so it could serve as a vessel for both a sophisticated liquid as well as for an engaging piece of literature. We named it Είκοσι Ιστορίες (Twenty Stories) and created twenty unique labels with twenty unique stories, one for every year of LIDL in Greece.

Label design
The labels were printed on white, heavy, matte writing paper and were shredded on one side to give out the sensation of a real page that has been just ripped off a book. The front of each label has a free-hand illustration that hints the story in the back. The illustrative intention was to balance casual, everyday moments with their symbolic significance to a person’s life. The symbols were intensified by high contrast colors: Black and white for the book, red for the wine.

Each story has a different writing style to highlight the variety of moments and sensations that can be highlighted by a good wine as well as the diverse memories and experiences that these 20 years mark for the company. Funny stories, touching stories, surreal stories, love stories, mythological stories, even… math stories!?! And of course, each and every one of them included a fair portion of wine! Literally and metaphorically.

We created a range of printed material for outdoors use and magazines, leveraging even further on the sophistication of the book element. To communicate Twenty Stories in radio we teamed up with two of the country’s best storytelling voices: Konstantinos Tzoumas (actor and radio producer) and Epistimi Mpinazi (voice-over artist).