Design: Akim Melnik Design Studio
Location: Belarus
Project Type: Produced
Client: Dobrada
Product Launch Location: Belarus
Packaging Contents: Spices
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Web flexible packaging
Printing Process: Flexography

The client set us the task to create a design of “bright, attractive, visual and convincing packaging” of his new brand of spices “Magiya vkusa”.

To achieve an effective result, we have developed the most understandable visual image that does not require additional interpretation and explanations. The main emphasis was placed on a colorful and attractive image of the product. Next, the attention of the potential buyer moves to the name and type of product and, finally, to the brand.

The overall shooting angle and compositional synchronicity combined with the unifying white background color create a solid and harmonious visual series. Thanks to well-chosen signal colors, the range is clearly divided into lines-herbs, spices, peppers, confectionery additives and seasonings for dishes.