Design: Pica Packaging Design Lab.
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Client: 北京大钊口才培训中心
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Tea

The Longing for Communicating is the Key to Chinese Tea
A cup of tea reflects the desire for good communication in Chinese culture. Tea culture lasts long and prosperous in China, and greeting friends with tea is a common etiquette. Dezzle Tea melts its logo within the gradient color of real bamboo, indicating the virtue of bamboo and the evergreen of communication. Over the past 20 years, Dezzle focused on public speech training. And the establishing of Dezzle Tea is its new move to creating a cultural atmosphere for trainees. Dezzle Tea is not only a 20th-anniversary event but also a forum for esteemed entrepreneurs. Pica Lab chooses a vintage shape for the tea can, embosses it and prints with a special paint to create a unique texture, making it a remarkable branding material for Dezzle.