East Meets West: A Rebellion Against Monotony


Mr. Qi Shuwei, a renowned designer with a passion for innovation, is breaking free from the shackles of mass-produced trends. His debut collection of five “East Meets West” themes is a bold statement against the predictable and easily copied designs that dominate the market.

Shuwei believes design should be fueled by creativity and joy, not the pressure to conform. The current wave of “China Chic” and AI-powered designs, while initially exciting, have become saturated, stifling the very essence of artistic expression.

Driven by a designer’s inherent hunger for originality, Shuwei pushes boundaries with East Meets West. This brand aims to redefine “Chinese design” by transcending trends and fostering a unique aesthetic that resonates globally.

More than just products, East Meets West offers an experience. Through the official WeChat mini program, customers can acquire exquisite art pieces that seamlessly integrate Eastern charm with modern functionality. This fusion creates a brand new visual language, captivating audiences worldwide.

Shuwei’s dedication to design excellence is evident throughout his career. Since 1999, he has consistently challenged himself with fresh approaches, leaving an indelible mark on the industry. East Meets West stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and fostering a deeper appreciation for the unique beauty of the East.

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