The Real Olive Company Rebrand

The Space Creative

Bristol, UK

Agency: The Space Creative
Creative Director: David Thomson
Location: United Kingdom
Project Type: Produced
Client: England
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Olives
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic, Cardboard
Printing Process: Litho

The Real Olive Company has had a beautiful makeover courtesy of food and drinks branding experts, The Space Creative.

“Karin and Ben at The Real Olive Company approached us in 2019 to help them redefine their brand and open the door to wider distribution and increased sales” says Creative Director David Thomson. “The olive fixture is typically an own label affair and we spotted an opportunity for The Real Olive Company to stand out in a sea of plastic pots by drawing inspiration from the vibrant colours of the sun soaked Mediterranean.

Not only did The Space carry out a detailed strategic review of the brand to define their brand proposition and personality, they helped to sharpen their focus to attract a more discerning foodie audience who are seeking ‘good’ brands – expert producers with sustainable business practices.

The result is a striking design solution which positions The Real Olive Company as a premium producer of the highest quality olives and antipasti with roots at the very heart of the Olive grove.

The blue ink stamped brandmark and crafted typography overlaid on hand-drawn risoprint illustrations, all produced inhouse by The Space, evocatively hints at the olives’ Mediterranean provenance.

The design harks back to old travel documents, with various stamps and labels. The iconic brand mark has been designed from the outset to work equally well online as well as on pack. The bold navy blue colour echoes the colours found in Mediterranean architecture and the deep blue skies and seas of sunnier shores.

“I’m usually wary of using specific colours in a brand logo” says Thomson, “I think it can be quite limiting, but the inky blue works like a neutral colour that blends really well with the various ingredient colours found on the packs.”

The new brand look will start to appear on shelves from the end of May 2020.

“We are beyond excited to launch our amazing new brand design that The Space Creative has developed for us. The rebrand journey was a true pleasure and they really have captured the very essence of The Real Olive Company. We can’t wait to see our new packaging on shelf!” Karin Andersson, Co-Founder.

What’s Unique?
We have created hand made illustrations in the style of vintage riso print to create a fresh and distinctive look.