Hofgut Loh – Vinegar & Balsamic

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Designer: Johanna Krumbügel
Photographer: Jonas Pavlicek
Location: Germany
Project Type: Produced
Client: Hofgut Loh
Product Launch Location: Germany
Packaging Contents: Vinegar, Balsamic
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Digital printing

It is chirping around the family farm “Hofgut Loh” — plenty of barn swallows are moving picturesquely in circles above the Bottwartal and announcing summer. Once that summer is slowly saying goodbye and the days becoming shorter the grape gathering starts in their own vineyards. These belong to the farm besides the fields and orchards. Picked by hand and bonded to nature and the love to their own region Sophie and Paul Rimmele — so to speak the next generation in the farming family — are involved around the year. Here they attach importance to the preservation of the domestic flora and fauna and that is why they will cultivate the farm ecologically.

In 2019 the two of them pursued another path and started to vinify their own grapes to the finest wine and balsamic vinegar. In the past and completely wrong vinegar became only little attention — until the health and beauty industry discovered the power of vinegar. Recently especially the haute cuisine revived an ancient custom: vinegar as lemonade, as an addition in the most divers drinks. The origin of this usage is rooted in the ancient world where vinegar was mixed with water and has been hold good for a refreshing lemonade.

The brand identity and packaging that I created for this close to nature brand is rooted in its ingredients, the production method and the attitude of its makers: carefully handcrafted with their own grapes — combined with elements of the family farm and its vineyards. The antic puristic style of illustration with modern elements reflects the products: reinterpret and rediscover a history that goes back a long way. With the colorful banderoles the products can be easily differentiated but also perceived as an assortment of goods.