Jiangguo Wawa

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Derrick Lin


Agency: HeziLab
Design Director: Luo Haozhen
3D Modeling and Rendering: Ma Jingwei
Picture Editing: Wu Chao
Location: China
Project Type: Produced
Packaging Contents: Plastic, glass

Jiangguo Wawa (Snack Jiang the little girl) is a series of dried fruits and nuts snacks which are originally sourced from Xinjiang China. Due to the low efficiency of transportation in Xinjiang, those fully mature fruits would go bad before they arrive at the markets, so that the most common solution is picking up fruits before they are fully mature, however this would recede the taste and nutrition.

Jiangguo Wawa has an eclectic solution, which is picking up when the fruits are fully mature and immediately produce them into dried fruit products at the resource factories, this can mostly secure the taste and nutrition. Jiangguo Wawa are required to be look like a fashionable branding snack instead of traditional local specialty. They need our team to design an universal, recognizable and stylish packaging design.

The name Jiangguo Wawa which can be understood as Snack Jiang the little girl and the local culture and custom remind us of Matryoshka doll form Russia. Following this clue, we designed a Xinjiang girl who wears her ethnic dress doing the gesture of presenting her local specialties to customers. The overall look of the package makes people feel reliable, relaxing and joyful.