Schweppes Botanical Mixers

Design: Morillas Branding Agency
Location: Spain
Project Type: Produced
Client: Schweppes
Photography: Xaime Aneiros
Bottle production: BA Barbosa Almeida
Product Launch Location: Global
Packaging Contents: Tonic & mixers
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Glass bottle
Printing Process: Photogravure & Silk-screen

Schweppes. Seeking the original effervescence

Sometimes, revisiting the past reveals a brand’s primal uniqueness and unleashes its power to become iconic again. As the original and leading brand on the tonic market, in 2014, Schweppes decided it was time to consolidate its position amid a surge of new competitors that had set their sights on the Premium segment. Schweppes developed a new range of tonics and mixers, with sophisticated varieties like Pink Pepper, Ginger Ale, Intense Ginger, Orange and Lychee, and shortly after, Hibiscus flavor.

This incredible product development carried out by the brand deserved a unique and iconic bottle of the same calibre. That was the seed for a meticulous brand experience construction process, which took the product as its springboard. It was crucial to give the new varieties a modern and distinctive twist that underlined the uniqueness of the flavors, and was capable of reaffirming its experience and leadership, as well as the effervescence, dynamism and intrinsic sophistication of the brand.

As is often the case, embracing the future means revisiting the past, rediscovering one’s roots. Inspiration was taken from the original bottle from 1784 in order to create an authentic symbol. An astonishing reinterpretation of craftsmanship, in which every detail is nurtured: from the delicate oval shape of the bottle, to the label’s greatly reduced dimensions, as well as the use of screen printing as a communication element. This gave rise to new distinguishing design that distills elegance, tradition and modernity. The flavor was developed through subtle elements.

In the case of the hibiscus variety, exoticism and sophistication had to be transmitted. So, prominence was given to pink and metallic tones and illustrations that evoke nocturnal nature. The result is a seductive, singular and elegant design that strengthens the brand within the Premium segment, and which, following a limited-edition launch, has stood firm on the market and become the new emblem of the brand. What’s more, this resounding success propelled the release of other ranges like the heritage Premium one, which brims with the brand’s unique personality and earned it a gold for Best Pack Packaging 2014.