Encapsulating the authentic soul of Ibiza – Castillo de Ibiza

Castillo de Ibiza is a new still rosé wine that embodies Mediterranean magnetism. At Morillas, we were invited to shape the brand’s strategic concept and develop its visual identity and packaging design, by evoking timeless and ephemeral summer memories that customers can keep and treasure.

The challenge was to conceptualize the bohemian character of the island in a new wine proposal. Ibiza represents a place in which to escape reality with a slow lifestyle, without rules nor restraints. A destination that stirs the imagination and vibes with everyone. The brand entrusted us to capture this energy in a new brand that would leave nobody indifferent.

We set out by defining the brand’s strategic concept to unify the visual assets under the same criteria. The Mediterranean, as a way of life, was the concept from which the project emerged. The product became a Mediterranean gem, carefully balancing between the handmade and the passage of time. Simplicity, craftsmanship and authenticity were the codes we embedded.

We were inspired by the hedonistic pulse of Ibiza and we decided to encapsulate its moment of escapism through authentic and handcrafted elements. These include a handwritten typeface on the neck encapsulating the artisanal essence and a nude cork with and engraved compass evoking the idea of the travelling spirit and the honesty of the product. The saltpetre effect on the label reflects the slow passage of time, through an expressive copper texture and contemporary bevelled lettering.

All of these culminate in a svelte, original bottle that captures the slow-energy and the Mediterranean essence, designed to fit perfectly within the category. A design that connects with the consumer and embodies the Mediterranean spirit. A Morillas’ project that celebrates the island’s magnetism by encapsulating a unique sensation: the spirit of the sundown soul.


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