Design: The Branding People
Location: Mexico
Project Type: Produced
Client: Evani
Product Launch Location: Mexico
Packaging Contents: Feminine hygiene products
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Cardboard

Evani is the first Mexican brand to offer organic menstrual hygiene products in the country. With an environmentally-friendly mindset, Evani has a range of organic, plastic-free, cotton products; hence adjusting to every lifestyle while being gentle to the environment. tbpmx handpicked a color palette that will make Evani stand out from its competitors. This selection inclines to pastel neutrals, that express the softness of the cotton and the feminine side to it. The packaging aims to represent a lighthearted lifestyle that helps to communicate the brand’s organic approach. As a final touch, the studio opted for hints of copper to wrap up the whole branding together and help Evani be perceived as what it really is: a high-end, eco-friendly brand. -Libre, ligera y segura.

What’s Unique?
Evani is special because it’s the first organic Mexican brand of this sort. Developing the branding for a Mexican eco-friendly brand fills us with pride and its our way of being part of this sustainable movement as we incorporate and transmit this through design.