VALIO cheese – redesign

DS1 branding agency

Санкт-Петербург, Россия

Design: DS1 branding
Location: Russia
Project Type: Redesign
Client: VALIO
Packaging Contents: Cheese
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic

Packaging in cheese is a very important means of communication with the consumer, so we must be the best.

Сhoice of agency
Valio turned to DS1 Branding in order to renew visual design of the line of cheeses: the agency’s main competence is the development and maintenance of brands in the FMCG market, and the portfolio already contained successfully implemented joint projects.

Natalya Ivakina, Head of Cheese & Butter Categories, Marketing department:
“The main task of the project was the redesign of the Valio yellow cheese packages as part of One Valio Design (a graphic concept with a round brand block that unites all Valio products). We needed to make the design brighter, more visible, modern and to place the Valio logo block on the shelf. Cheese packaging is a very important means of communication with the consumer, so we must be the best.”

The previous packaging was designed back in 2013. Over time, as the Valio line of cheeses expanded, the need for a unified visual design arose.

Before launching the project, DS1’s branding strategy department conducted in-depth interviews with target groups and POS research. Together with the results of desk analytics, it allowed to determine the specifics of Valio’s audience – people who are guided by a pro-European approach, trends, culture and who value Valio for its high quality and unique bright character of the brand. In most cases, the consumption of Valio cheese is individual, with elements of a demonstrative character.

It’s important for the core of the target audience to receive aesthetic pleasure from the purchase, to feel that they are picking up a special product, verified to the smallest detail. Packaging should emphasize the image component of the target group and partially fulfill the function of a stylish product that is not ashamed to be served at the table.

In addition, it was important to take into account the sales territory: Moscow and St. Petersburg. Residents of the central part of Russia can afford and are ready for more innovative visual solutions that go beyond the traditional framework.

Svetlana Klupinska (Grechkasiy), CEO, Strategic Director of DS1 Branding:
“In this case, we worked not with creativity, but with a design system. In addition to the relevance of the target audience, our main task was to update the packaging so that an understandable structure and an opportunity for further adaptation appeared. It was also necessary to consider an easy-to-read navigation system and eliminate the heterogeneity in the lineup formed due to the use of different colors.

Another challenge was to move away from the use of craft techniques and stylistics that had become mainstream. Valio is a company that sets trends, doesn’t follow them “

While developing a visual solution, three diverse concepts were proposed: the first was the most consistent, the second concept exposed premium quality, and the third one was based on the latest fresh creative solutions of the year.

In order to assess the result of the work, consumer testing was carried out. According to the results, the presented DS1 branding concept showed the highest indicators in such parameters as “consumer relevance”, “relevance to the Valio brand” and “time to search on the shelf”.

One respondent commented: “Different colors, easy to navigate. There is an icon in the corner that helps you quickly find a particular taste. “

As a result, the leading position took a concept using patterns and a more concise design – it provides the necessary brightness and emphasis on the shelf, while remaining understandable, clear and structured. In addition, this version of the visual concept allows you to detach from the competitors, which predominantly uses naturalistic and soft forms.

Natalya Ivakina, Head of Cheese & Butter Categories, Marketing department:
“We are completely satisfied with the design development and believe that in the process of cooperation with DS1 branding it meets the values of both the brand and our audience.”