Athens, Greece

Design: Caparo design crew
Location: Greece
Project Type: Produced
Client: KIMON
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Pastries, sweets
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper
Printing Process: Offset

Kimon is a family business located in Athens, Greece, with a long history originating from Istanbul back in 1943 when the first patisserie shop under the name Tadlan opened in Pangalte neighborhood. The strong tradition heritage and the old authentic recipes mixing Greek and Turkish delicacies were our main inspiration in this shop’s brand development, signifying a new era for the business.

To shape the logo and the core visual element, we created grotesque custom-made letters with reference to byzantine writing and hand made signs of the past decades. The letters celebrate craftsmanship and reflect the traditional values and an original character. Ιllustrations that give the feeling of mosaics were implemented in miscellaneous print materials as a secondary brand element. These visuals look like folk patterns but with a twist since they present patisserie products besides ambient shapes. For the food shots, we used a dramatic and minimal style that highlights and showcases the materials’ quality and gives an upper image. This more prestigious look helps the brand to stand out in the local market landscape.

What’s Unique?
We printed the boxes inside out. This way we used the material of paper that is usually the inside surface of the box to create a craft feeling and an interesting pallet for the boxes. The result gives a fresh identity and an interesting twist in the way pastries boxes are usually printed.