Design: ahhaproject
Location: South Korea
Project Type: Produced
Client: beehouse 1992
Product Launch Location: South Korea
Packaging Contents: Honey
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Non toxic and coated paper label, glass bottle

Honey is known for the most common natural sweetener. We have seen many types of honey blended tea, jam and syrup based on honey. However, the ‘Beehouse 1992’ honey is distinguished from other existed honey products on market.

We, Ahhaproject has designed not only packaging but also all branding sources that makes honey special. We have guided ‘Beehouse 1992’ to put non-dried herbs, spices, flower and pure gold in honey bottle for at least 1 month for aging. For that result, we could acquire perfect scent and taste of honey and it goes well with all types of food recipe. We prepare 4 types of honey, ‘Wild flower’, ‘Fine rosemary’, ‘Cinnamon stick’ and ’24k Gold blend’ with unique visual. Also, each type has special scent and taste and even few drops of ‘Beehouse 1992’ honey can change atmosphere of table by its unique flavor.

Most of plastic food container has BPA which is harmful materials for health. Also, a label on the bottle composite of vinyl and coated plastic that doesn’t decomposed on the ground. On the other hand, products of ‘Beehouse 1992’ use 100% eco friendly materials. We, ahhaproject choose none toxic and uncoated paper label and recycled glass bottle for zero waste trend for packaging.