Giftpack 2020 | J&B RARE WHISKY

Maison LINEA

Design: Maison LINEA
Location: France
Project Type: Produced
Product Launch Location: Global

With the festive season approaching, the Diageo France group is unveiling the case that will accompany its J&B whisky during the winter of 2020. After positioning its brand for several years in a festive and nocturnal London, the brand wishes to renew its history. To achieve this, the case favours the codes of ‘handcrafted’. The yellow stripe is reminiscent of a security strip on the shipping crates and takes us back to the origins of J&B when whisky was shipped from London to the United States. The canister, printed on tissue paper, follows the codes of premium with an elegant colour code (combining black and gold) and discreet finishing touches such as its J&B signature in glossy relief.