Mo Xiaoxian Fast Food

Derrick Lin


Chief Designer: Tiger Pan
Designer: Xia Xuedan
Client: Shanghai Mo Xiaoxian Food Co., Ltd.
Project Type: Produced
Location: China

Driven by the single economy, home culture, and consumption upgrades, self-heating convenience foods are rapidly emerging. Mo Xiaoxian-a new convenient fast food brand born on the Internet, adapted to various edible scenarios, the brand is positioned as a “trend fast food brand specially designed for young people”.

We draw on the form of “optical illusion” graphic design and combine the product’s own morphological characteristics to create a brand visual symbol belonging to Mo Xiaoxian, which runs through the series of products. The “optical illusion” on the packaging is the result of eating too much spicy hot pot noodles.

Stinky powder, dark temperament, hot and sour powder, cool personality; hot pot noodles, tumbling warmly. Mo Xiaoxian’s packaging design breaks all rules, realizes visual differentiation of packaging design, and uses the most fashionable way of instant food.