Alex Dang

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Design: Alex Dang
Location: Vietnam
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Contents: Promotional Design
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Paper

‘All Good Springs’ is the Lucky Envelope Collection with my intention of refreshing the cheerful traditional atmosphere of Vietnam’s Tet holiday. In these overwhelming end-of-year days, I explore the peaceful and amusing spring mood within my home to illustrate the typical and familiar Tet image. The initial inspiration sparks from a familiar scene of Bat Trang ceramic flower vases with the light filtered by bamboo blinds, evoking a nostalgic yet delightful holiday spirit.

To promote the idea of happiness and prosperity, I select the three most appropriate words to describe this Lunar New Year: Tết (Spring) – Tốt (Good) – Tất (All). The wordplay from the key message ‘Tết Tốt Tất – All Good Springs’ depicts the best of luck and happiness in Tet Holiday, recapturing the Vietnamese custom of wishing New Year greetings and giving lucky money. This project also determines my belief in this New Year’s good fortune, prosperity, and health awaiting everyone after the previous catastrophic year.

What’s Unique?
The cut-out structure of the envelope not only expresses the elegant curvy shape but also the inside card. This design breaks the ordinary form of normal lucky envelopes and fully exhibits the main concept of Bat Trang ceramic vases. Moreover, the patterns of both outer and inner components promote the continuous yet illusory effect drawing more attention and excitement.