Design: Barna Design Kft.
Location: Hungary
Project Type: Produced
Client: Forelle
Product Launch Location: Hungary
Packaging Contents: Cleaning, Eco friendly
Packaging Substrate / Materials: PE, HDPE, Palstic, Bottle, Vinyl
Printing Process: Digital printing, 3D varnish

Our client
The mission of the Forelle manufacturer is to produce and market environmentally friendly, bio-cleaning products that harmonize with our planet’s ecosystem and offer safe yet efficient solutions for both industrial and residential use in the field of cleaning and cleaning.

We were part of the design process from the very first moment of the product idea. Common thinking, choice of name and design of image elements established the presence of a brand. 100% biodegradable cleaner (liquid) branding.

The name comes from the German word Forelle (river trout), which lives only in the purest water. The world of color and form grew out of this metaphor, the design carries this symbolism. The fish symbol smuggled into the letter “e” in the name of the product is not intrusive, yet it makes sense. We made packaging materials of the right size, color and design for the mixed applications of the product range, from which the most ergonomic was finally selected. In addition to the image and packaging design, we also created their product presentation website.